The 1% Improvement Strategy

Success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.
—Jim Rohn

Yesterday I came across a very interesting article about how Dave Brailsford, General Manager of the British Professional Cyclist Team, faced the very difficult challenge of leading the team to its first Tour De France. He applied a seemingly simple strategy, which i’ll call the “One Percent Improvement Strategy” to do so. Instead of focusing on making major improvements in a few things, Brailsford decided to make a meager ONE PERCENT improvement in as many things as possible. He started with the obvious, athletes’ nutrition, work outs, and the bicycles mechanics; then he took it one step further by trying to improve everything he could think of. The best pillow for a good nights sleep (which began to travel with the athletes everywhere), finding the best way to wash their hands, and so on. Brailsford hoped that this strategy will help them win their first Tour De France in five years. Instead, Britain won it in three.

The One Percent Improvement Strategy is simple enough to start applying to your life or career today; whether it’s organizing your fridge by one percent to make getting ingredients out faster, organizing your desk supplies, or learning a few Gmail tricks to make the time you dedicate to your emails more efficient, the one percent strategy is sure to  help improve your life (even if it is just by one percent)!

Read the original article on Dave Brailsford and the Aggregation of Marginal Gains here